5 Reasons We Think Kids Braces Are Very Important

Kids BracesAre kids braces really necessary? Sometimes parents visit our office asking this question because they are unsure if they should move forward with getting their child braces or wait until they are older and let them decide as adults. There are pros and cons to both arguments but, it is of our opinion that it is always best to move quickly when it comes to orthodontics so that a child has the best possible chance of sustaining good oral health long-term.

When weighing this important decision, it is important to consider a few facts.

1. People with crooked teeth are more likely to suffer from dental decay and gum disease

When teeth are overlapping or crooked, it becomes much easier for food to become trapped in between them. This is true for adults and also children. Since many children do not floss regularly, once this food becomes trapped it can be even more difficult to remove it. As a result, many children will develop unnecessary cavities and even suffer from gum disease. By straightening teeth and eliminating these crooked or overlapping spaces, we make it easier for children to maintain clean and healthy teeth.

2. It can be easier to wear braces as a child

One hesitation that many parents have is they are concerned their child will be uncomfortable when wearing kids braces. It is true that there will be days that they feel sore and maybe even a little irritable. However, these days are few and far between. The discomfort is usually very temporary. Keeping that in mind, it can actually be easier for a child to wear braces because they tend to be more flexible than adults in their routine. Plus, children tend to be home more so they have a greater opportunity to do things like brush and floss after eating a meal, things that are important when wearing braces.

3. Their smile and appearance will improve greatly after their teeth have been straightened

Parents that invest in their child's smile today will be doing more than improving their health, they will also be improving their appearance. This can be important, especially as they get older. When children are younger, wearing braces can be an exciting event and they are less likely to be concerned about any negative impact on their appearance. This is not the case as they become teens. Therefore, any investment in straightening their teeth today is going to improve their appearance before they enter their teenage years and become more insecure about how they look.

4. When young, it is easier to supervise them

Maintaining braces requires effort and it is easier for parents to supervise their children and help with this process when they are young and living at home.

5. Kids braces are not forever

It is also important to remember that kids braces are not forever. Eventually, they will come off. In fact, they typically only need to be worn for around two years. Having a child complete the process now can be an excellent idea and once the braces come off, they will be able to enjoy the improvements to their appearance and health for a lifetime.

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