Adult Braces and Orthodontic Surgery: A Complete Treatment Solution

Adult BracesVisiting our orthodontic office for adult braces is a wise idea for anyone who wants to improve their appearance and comfort levels. The position of the teeth and jaw significantly influence how a person looks and feels. Additionally, if teeth are crooked or the jaw is out of alignment, it can lead to wearing down the teeth or jaw pain. These are all issues that we can address with an orthodontic treatment.

Options for adult braces

While many adults feel that they no longer qualify for treatment since they have reached adulthood, this is not the case. In fact, many adults are seeking treatment today. During a consultation, we can let you know which type of treatments will work best for your particular concerns.

There are several ways to straighten teeth that give adults access to more options than children have available. This is contrary to the belief that as someone gets older, orthodontics become less effective. Since adults also tend to be more responsible, there are other options besides traditional metal braces that include:

#1. Clear ceramic braces

Ceramic braces are ideal for adults who want to straighten their teeth with traditional braces but without the appearance of metal brackets in their mouth. In this treatment, we place tooth-colored brackets onto the teeth and thread tooth-colored wires between them. The entire orthodontic system blends in with the natural teeth. This solution is not ideal for children because of how easy it is to stain ceramic braces.

Patients must brush their teeth after eating or drinking anything that can stain to ensure they do not discolor the braces. Ceramic braces are effective and an ideal solution for many adult patients.

#2. Clear aligners

Consisting of durable plastic, clear aligners surround the teeth entirely. The clear aligners move the teeth into position gradually just like traditional braces. The difference is that they are removable and can come out when eating or brushing teeth. This makes clear aligners a preferred solution for many adults looking to straighten teeth discreetly.

#3. Metal braces

Metal braces are not as large as they used to be. In fact, modern materials have made it possible for them to be far smaller and more discreet, even though the color itself stands out. As such, many adults do not mind wearing traditional braces and sometimes prefer them since they are the most durable and less likely to become stained.

Orthodontic surgery

Sometimes a surgical procedure will accompany wearing adult braces. This is to move the jaw into the correct position. When the jaw is out of alignment, it can create a significant impact on the appearance along with being uncomfortable. Since the jaw hardens with age, it is sometimes necessary for adult patients to have orthodontic surgery to complete the corrections to the jaw bone itself. This can work to complete the treatment process, and we will let you know if it may be necessary during a consultation.

To discover how adult braces can help you, schedule an appointment with our clinic today.

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