Adult Orthodontics: Custom Solutions Are Available

Posted on: February 15, 2017

OrthodonticsAdult orthodontics is one of the fastest-growing segments when it comes to orthodontic care. This is in large part because of the leaps and bounds that the scientific community has made in conjunction with other doctors, orthodontists, and dentists around the globe.

Custom solutions

Today, we are able to offer adults the ability to straighten their teeth, improve their smile, and even change their facial features by adjusting their jaw line. As a result, more adults are flocking to get orthodontist work. There was a time, in the not-too-distant past, when most adults considered orthodontic care only for children, teenagers and the elderly.

That perception has changed very rapidly as technology has advanced. Adults are now seeking adult orthodontic care that can help them with problems that they did fix in their teenage years. There are many reasons why it is still recommended for children to get an orthodontic treatment in their teenage years. The primary reason for this is that the jaw is still soft and developing.

Even as the permanent teeth come in this is the best opportunity that an orthodontist has to prevent the need for adult orthodontics in the future. However, many adults find that they did not get the corrective work that was necessary when they were younger and can now come in for orthodontics to correct these problems.

Crooked teeth are embarrassing 

Let’s face it, there’s nothing more embarrassing than a crooked smile especially for working professionals. Luckily, because of today’s technology, nobody has to live with a crooked smile anymore. Additionally, adults do not have to face the stigma of being a metal mouth. instead of using things like traditional braces, patients can have a discrete treatment plan that will help correct their problems without being an embarrassment.

Many ways to correct crooked teeth 

The best way to find out if adult orthodontics is something that the patient wants to consider is to schedule a consultation with a professional orthodontist at our offices, who specializes in adults orthodontics, and then come in for an evaluation. Most patients are blown away by the range of options available to them.

The fact that patients can work with an orthodontist on a customized treatment plan, that the treatment times do not take too long, and the fact that a patient could leave with a straighter smile regardless of age, proves that there are multiple ways to correct crooked teeth.

A life changing decision 

Whether those choices involve Invisalign®, clear braces, or some other specialized treatment that we can incorporate in order to ensure that the patient has the most beautiful smile possible; we can lay out all the options on that first visit once we know exactly the extent of the problem that the patient wants to fix.

For somebody who has suffered from malocclusion, or the simple embarrassment of having badly crooked teeth, this can be a life-changing decision so we always encourage people to pick up the phone and make an appointment today.

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