Can Wearing Adult Braces Improve My Health?

Posted on: March 16, 2018

BracesWearing adult braces could help you to get healthy and even to lose weight. We know, this sounds hard to believe but it actually makes a lot of sense. When our patients start wearing braces, they typically do so because they are ready to make an important decision to improve their health and appearance. When someone is committed to taking steps that require a long-term commitment, it is easier to incorporate other important health changes at the same time. After all, routine takes focus and dedication. With braces, once a decision has been made to wear them, a new routine is going to become essential. When already making changes, incorporating other aspects of a healthy lifestyle becomes easier than before.

It is important to eat healthy when wearing adult braces

Another benefit is that when wearing adult braces that are fixed to the teeth, such as metal or ceramic braces, it becomes important to avoid eating things high in sugar. Sticky foods can damage braces, as an example. This means no chewy candy bars or caramels in between lunch and dinner. By cutting out some of these high sugar food items, it can help with weight loss while also ensuring the braces do not become damaged throughout the treatment. Also, snacking is more challenging when wearing fixed braces because it is possible for food to become trapped in between brackets and wires. Many adults reduce their snacking because of this.

Snacking is reduced

For adults that are straightening teeth using clear aligners, snacking is also difficult. This is because food should not be eaten with the aligners in. They need to be taken out before having a snack. Since most adults want to wear the aligners and only remove them when eating meals, we have found that many of our patients snack less frequently throughout the day.

Consider the overall impact

We encourage patients to consider the overall positive impact that could happen with their appearance if they take the opportunity to wear adult braces and make healthier eating decisions at the same time. With braces, we can move crooked teeth into the correct position so that they are straight and attractive looking. This can transform our patients’ appearance and help them to have more confidence. A beautiful smile is one of the first things people notice so it truly is remarkable how significant of a change this can make.

If at the same time, patients also make the choice to cut out sugary treats, limit or eliminate snacks and avoid anything that is high in acid content like soda, it is possible to lose weight and become healthier while also improving the smile. This way, at the end of a patient’s treatment, they will look and feel amazing and be healthier than when they started.

Change your appearance and change your life

All this is possible but it starts with a decision to get healthy and to take proactive steps to improve your appearance and your life. We can help you to do so and recommend scheduling an appointment to learn more about adult braces options today.

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