Clear Braces for Teens: Why Our Patients Love Them

Clear BracesAs a provider of clear braces for teens, we realize that our patients love having the option to straighten teeth without it being obvious. For many teenagers, the embarrassment caused by malocclusion can be significant. Unfortunately, so can the embarrassment of wearing metal braces.

Food can become stuck between the brackets and wires, creating an embarrassing situation that few teens wish to live through. Fortunately, there is a better way and one that we offer in our office. To find out whether this option is a good fit for your teen, we encourage scheduling a consultation and examination.

By examining the physical position of the teeth and taking X-rays, we can determine whether clear braces are a viable solution to transform our patients' smiles. Though traditional braces are highly effective, if clear ones are an option, we have found that most teens prefer them and here is why:

#1. You cannot see them without being up close

One of the concerns that teens often have is looking like they have a mouth full of metal. There is a natural worry that it will take away from their appearance or make an insecure teen feel that much more insecure. While adults tend to look at things more pragmatically, teens see braces on their teeth and fee terribly insecure.

Parents can help to mitigate these concerns by providing children with clear braces when this is an option.

#2. It is easy to eat when wearing clear aligners

There are two main types of clear braces. The first is attached to the teeth by brackets that are ceramic and therefore clear. The process is similar to traditional braces but they are more difficult to see. The second option is clear plastic aligners that surround the teeth like a clear retainer would. The aligners add another layer of convenience because they can be removed to eat and brush teeth.

This makes it possible for a teen to enjoy their favorite hamburger or slice of pizza without the terror of food getting stuck in between their brackets. In fact, there are no real food restrictions only that the aligners need to come out when eating and teeth need to be brushed prior to putting them back in. This is ideal for teens who are picky eaters.

#3. Aligners come out when playing sports or an instrument in the band

Active teens who play sports or are in the band will benefit from clear aligners. They can be removed during these activities making it possible to engage in them like normal. Otherwise, athletes need to wear an additional mouth guard that is large enough to surround braces while protecting gums and lips in the event of an accident.

#4. Pictures look as good as ever

Clear braces for teens are discreet and make it possible for teens to smile for senior pictures or when going to the prom without worrying about looking different.

Visit our office for clear braces for teens

Find out if your teen qualifies today.

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