Speak with an Orthodontist in Leawood About the Pros and Cons of Braces

A lot of patients visit us to speak with an orthodontist in Leawood when trying to determine which type of braces they want to use to straighten their teeth. While there is a lot of information online about new and … Continued

5 Reasons We Think Kids Braces Are Very Important

Are kids braces really necessary? Sometimes parents visit our office asking this question because they are unsure if they should move forward with getting their child braces or wait until they are older and let them decide as adults. There … Continued

Can Wearing Adult Braces Improve My Health?

Wearing adult braces could help you to get healthy and even to lose weight. We know, this sounds hard to believe but it actually makes a lot of sense. When our patients start wearing braces, they typically do so because … Continued

What Are My Options for an Adult Retainer?

Wearing an adult retainer is actually fairly common. There is a misconception that when people get their braces off, they are done with orthodontic treatment. This is not the case. Once the initial work is complete a smile will look … Continued

Everything You Need to Know About TMJ from a TMJ Dentist

We are a TMJ dentist, focusing on helping treat Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, TMJ, in patients. TMJ is a serious condition that can lead to significant pain in the jaw, face and even neck. It can also lead to headaches that … Continued

Ceramic Braces Aren’t Right for Everyone – Are They Right for You?

We use ceramic braces on a regular basis to correct problems like malocclusion and a misaligned jaw. Our patients are quite pleased with the results and how wonderful they look during the process. This is the big benefit of using … Continued

Give Yourself the Gift of Visiting a Teeth Straightening Dentist in Leawood

As a teeth straightening dentist in Leawood, we have a gift-giving idea for you. Why not give yourself the gift of straight teeth and a better smile this holiday season? During the holidays, everyone is running around, buying gifts and … Continued

Frequently Asked Questions About Visiting a Kid’s Orthodontist

Most parents have a lot of questions when they bring their child to our kid’s orthodontist office and for good reason since straightening teeth is a big deal. We have the proper training and expertise to effectively straighten teeth with … Continued

Speak with an Orthodontist in Leawood About Getting Braces Off Faster

When visiting our office to speak with an orthodontist in Leawood patients often want to know how quickly their braces can come off. We understand that while orthodontics are highly effective, they do require a serious commitment from patients. Patients need … Continued

Teeth Straightening for Seniors and Older Adults

We offer teeth straightening services to patients of all ages and have found that many seniors and older adults are expressing interest in the procedure. Orthodontics has been popular for decades but, traditionally, teenagers and young adults have been the … Continued