Reasons to Speak with an “Orthodontist Near Me”

Posted on: April 17, 2017

OrthodontistIf searching for an "orthodontist near me", call our clinic and schedule an appointment. We treat both children and adults and look forward to meeting new patients and helping them to achieve their smile goals. As an orthodontist, we understand that the position of the teeth and the jaw impact appearance, speech, self-confidence and physical health.

This is an area of the body that is used all day without rest. Even when sleeping, the position of the teeth and jaw can impact comfort because when there is a misalignment it can lead to problems like grinding, clenching, and headaches. This makes it important to attend to oral health and receive orthodontic care as necessary.

During the initial examination

When visiting our office for the first time, we will conduct a full examination to see how teeth are positioned and to observe how the jaw comes together when resting or biting down. Additionally, we will take X-rays to help us make a thorough diagnosis. Next, we will ask questions to determine what your goals are and how best to achieve them.

This is the time to be open and clear in communication so that our recommendations can reflect that. Some of the procedures we may suggest are:

Traditional metal braces

Dependable and proven, this solution is an excellent option for children and adults.

Clear ceramic braces

Discreet, these braces are a good option for adults wishing to improve their smile without negatively impacting their appearance.


Plastic aligners can also be used to move teeth and they are incredibly discreet, almost invisible.

Oral appliances

Some patients do not require braces immediately but can correct some problems using oral appliances.


In rare cases, surgery may also be necessary to address any jaw abnormalities.


If a patient has had braces in the past but there has been some post-braces movement, retention may be all that is necessary to restore their smile.

We can discuss all these treatment options and more during a consultation.

Ways to find an "orthodontist near me"

If living or working near our clinic, call and schedule an appointment. Otherwise here are some tried-and-true methods for locating an orthodontist or any medical professional in the area.

Speak with friends and co-workers

The people that are nearby on a daily basis can be excellent referral sources because many of them have probably used an orthodontist in the past and can also answer questions.


User-generated reviews are populated on Yelp making this an authentic site to find information in regards to local professionals.

Google and Bing

Both search engines have local business directories where a business can list their location, website and contact information, making them easy to find in a geographic search.

Call the insurance company

There may be a list of preferred providers.

Schedule an appointment today

Finding an "orthodontist near me" is easy when you live or work near our clinic. Simply call and schedule an appointment today. We will work around your schedule to find a time that is convenient for you.

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