How a Snoring Mouthguard Works and How it Can Help You

Snoring MouthguardIn our clinic, we can provide you with a snoring mouthguard to decrease loud snoring at night, help you sleep better and make it more comfortable for your partner to sleep in bed next to you. Snoring is an incredibly common problem and it is nothing to be embarrassed about. While your partner may tease you from time to time, it is something that most people will struggle with at some point in their life.

The difference between regular snoring and chronic snoring is that most people only snore when they are overly tired, have had one too many drinks or have a cold or other infection. Those who snore loudly on a nightly basis, are likely suffering from an actual treatable condition. To find out if you fall into the latter category, call and schedule an appointment.

What causes snoring?

The most common reasons people snore are:

  • Being exhausted
  • Drinking too heavily before bed
  • Having a cold, sinus infection or flu
  • Excess weight
  • The tongue blocking the airway

If the snoring is causing extreme fatigue, it may be due to the tongue blocking the airway at night during sleep. These are two things that we can treat in our clinic. Using a snoring mouthguard, we can keep the jaw in the forward position. If the jaw remains forward, the tongue will as well.

When the jaw falls backward at night, due to poor muscle strength, the tongue will also fall backward and block the airway. This results in the body responding by snoring and choking throughout the night in order to try to breathe deeply. Snoring loudly is actually a fortunate side effect because it allows patients to understand there is a problem. We can then treat it with a simple guard.

How does it work?

When visiting our clinic, we will conduct a basic examination and ask questions to determine if this is the problem. If so, we will create the guard by taking measurements of the mouth and an impression. This information will be sent to the lab so that a custom snoring mouth guard can be created.

At night, the snoring mouthguard needs to be slipped into place prior to falling asleep. Once there, it will hold the jaw in the forward position and the tongue will no longer block the airway.

What are the results?

Most of our patients report that they no longer snore or that their snoring is extremely minor. This is the good news. Additionally, when people get enough oxygen during sleep, it impacts how much energy they have as well. Those who get a good night sleep and plenty of oxygen wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

With more energy, quality of life improves and so does personal health. In other words, treating snoring may actually treat a variety of health problems, not just the snoring.

Visit us for a snoring mouth guard

To stop snoring and improve your health and quality of life, call our clinic and schedule an appointment. We can examine and treat you right away.

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