Speak with an Orthodontist in Leawood About Getting Braces Off Faster

Posted on: September 15, 2017

Orthodontist in LeawoodWhen visiting our office to speak with an orthodontist in Leawood patients often want to know how quickly their braces can come off. We understand that while orthodontics are highly effective, they do require a serious commitment from patients. Patients need to come in for regular appointments to adjust braces with other changes to the daily routine.

Our goal is to straighten teeth as quickly and safely as possible through a partnership between the orthodontist and patient. If everything goes according to plan, a patient will typically need to wear braces for around two years. However, each patient is unique and so is the treatment plan.

Tips to make your treatment go faster

#1. Keep all appointments with your orthodontist in Leawood

The most important thing a patient can do is to keep all of their scheduled appointments. Missing even one appointment can significantly delay the treatment plan. At each appointment, we adjust or replace the wires in order to keep the teeth moving toward their final position.

If we cannot make adjustments frequently enough, the treatment will take longer. We offer convenient appointment times so that patients can come in before or after work to prevent unnecessary delays.

#2. Wear a mouthguard

Playing sports can cause serious damage to the braces if anything were to collide with the mouth. To ensure that this does not happen, athletes should wear a mouthguard when practicing or playing, regardless of which sport it is. We can customize these guards to fit snugly and securely for the patient’s comfort.

#3. Visit the dentist

To keep the treatment on track and on schedule, it is important to visit the dentist twice a year for a professional teeth-cleaning appointment. If any teeth have an infection or there are signs of dental decay, then there will be a need to remove the braces for treatment. Following the treatment, we will have to put the braces back on the teeth.  A dental cleaning is the best way to avoid this situation.

#4. Avoid food that can damage braces

As an orthodontist in Leawood, we have a list of foods that should be avoided. Keep in mind that braces are held in place using dental cement that is designed to be temporary. They have to come off at the end of treatment which means that they can accidentally come off during the treatment. Anything that applies enough force to the brackets can cause them to become dislodged.

Likewise, the wires are thin and can easily be snapped. This makes it important to stay away from anything that is overly sticky and could pull on the wires are brackets. Also, anything that is very hard like carrots and nuts, can apply enough force to push the brackets out of position. Stay away from both to keep the treatment on schedule.

#5. Keep teeth clean

A patient’s daily care routine can positively or negatively impact an orthodontic treatment. Brushing and flossing after every meal is the best way to keep teeth and braces clean and healthy so that the treatment is not delayed by dental decay.

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