Teeth Straightening for Seniors and Older Adults

Posted on: August 15, 2017

Teeth StraighteningWe offer teeth straightening services to patients of all ages and have found that many seniors and older adults are expressing interest in the procedure. Orthodontics has been popular for decades but, traditionally, teenagers and young adults have been the ones that use the solution most frequently. Partly because of their age and their parents’ insistence on doing so, this has been the most popular demographic.

Unfortunately, there is a perception that orthodontics is only for the young. This is not true. We can use orthodontic solutions to straighten the teeth of older patients, as well, and as more adults become aware of this, they are scheduling consultations with our clinic.

Benefits of teeth straightening as an older adult

We have found that many of our patients who are older adults or seniors have an easier time with their orthodontic treatment. This is because young adults and the middle-aged are typically much busier. The demands of things like school, work or raising children can be entirely consuming. People can have trouble remembering to keep an orthodontic appointment or to brush teeth after lunch.

While seemingly simple, these habits can cause delays with an orthodontic treatment if they are not adjusted to meet the demands of wearing braces. Many seniors do not have these time constraints because they are further advanced in their career or retired. This allows for a greater level of focus to be placed on the treatment in general which can keep things progressing smoothly.

Additionally, adults of all ages have more options when it comes to orthodontic treatments than children do. With a child, we typically recommend the use of traditional metal braces because of how durable and resilient they are. Adults are more responsible and can use various solutions to straighten teeth because of it. For example, clear aligners are an option for adults that is not available to children.

Teeth straightening options for seniors and older adults

We offer a variety of orthodontic treatments and the recommendations we make are based on the position of the teeth and jaw today, how far they need to move and the goals and lifestyle concerns of patients. Since our suggestions are comprehensive, we suggest scheduling a consultation.

During the consultation, we can make a recommendation that is specific to your needs. In the meantime, it is important to know that adults have multiple options when it comes to teeth straightening. These include:

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces are designed to blend in with a tooth structure because both the brackets and the wires between them are tooth colored. They function the same way as metal braces in that a bracket is secured to each tooth and wire is then threaded between them.

They are typically worn for around two years and if kept clean, they will remain discreet during that entire process. In fact, it is difficult to see them from a distance.

Clear aligners

For an invisible way to straighten teeth, clear aligners are best. Aligners are a clear plastic that surrounds the teeth entirely and by applying pressure, move teeth into position.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces have brackets and wires that are placed on the back of the teeth to move them into position. That makes them a truly invisible way to straighten teeth.

Metal braces

This classic solution is still popular and effective for straightening teeth.

Schedule a consultation

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