Types of Braces

Posted on: June 15, 2017

BracesWith multiple types of braces to choose from, patients can straighten their teeth right away. It is no longer necessary to simply use traditional metal braces to straighten teeth. While they are certainly an effective solution, advancements in dental technology allow for new methods and possibilities. The best way to determine the right type of braces for you is to schedule a consultation with our office.

When you first come in, we will conduct a thorough examination and take X-rays. Afterward, we will have a discussion regarding goals and objectives. It is important to be clear about any concerns and to ask as many questions as possible. With all of this information, we will be able to customize a treatment plan.

Things to consider

There are several questions we will ask during a consultation, which include:

  • What is your daily schedule like?
  • Do you have the ability to brush teeth after each snack or meal?
  • Are you a forgetful person or someone who thrives on a routine?
  • What is your timeframe?
  • Do you have a particular budget in mind?

The answers to these questions will help to determine the type of braces that are best for one’s specific lifestyle. Since the different forms of braces work in a similar fashion and timeframes, it often comes down to lifestyle and personal preference. Therefore, it important to consider how orthodontics can impact daily living.

Types of braces

The main types of braces are traditional metal braces, clear ceramic braces, lingual braces and clear aligners.

#1. Traditional metal braces

Used for decades to straighten teeth, traditional metal braces are still incredibly effective. For this solution, a metal bracket is secured to each individual tooth and a wire is threaded between them before being held in place with rubber bands. We will either adjust or replace the wires on a regular basis, helping to move the teeth into the proper position. These braces are smaller than before and less noticeable than in the past. If unsure about metal braces, come into our office to see pictures of what they look like today.

#2. Ceramic braces

Similar in design to metal braces, ceramic braces blend in with the natural tooth structure. Both the brackets and wires of ceramic braces are tooth-colored. They work in the same fashion as traditional braces, with us needing to tighten or switch out the wires on a regular basis. As long as the patient keeps the wires clean by brushing the teeth after every meal and snack, then the braces will most likely remain virtually clear.

#3. Lingual braces

Lingual braces are the most complicated to have placed, therefore, they are also the most expensive. They are secured behind the teeth so that no one can notice them at all. Naturally, it takes more time to place and work on lingual braces but for some patients, this is worth it.

#4. Clear aligners

The most discreet type of braces, clear aligners consists of durable plastic that surrounds the teeth completely. Clear and virtually invisible, they are a convenient way to straighten teeth because the aligners come out when a patient eats or brushes their teeth.

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To find out which solution is right for you, visit our clinic.

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